Finally arrived in the Mountains! Its great, not sure if I ever wanna leave this place again!

After I hitchhiked to Vancouver Lisa picked me up and we drove to Calgary together (This drive is amazing!). There I stayed for tow nights at Bryans (Couchsurfer) place…I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Lots of good chats, delicious steak and great Beer (Hefeweizen for sure!) Lisa picked me up again and dropped me off in Banff (Thanks girl!)

My first Day couldn’t been any better… I met Daniel and we went to hike Sulphur Mountain, enjoyed the hotsprings afterwards and had pizza!

…kinda found a job faster than I wanted, because we planed a 5 Day hike, wich pretty much ended up in just a tow days hike. Still it was, lets call it adventurous.

„Yo Daniel check this way out its near the water and looks like so much more fun….!“ Did expect its just gonna stop at one point and we have to find our way somewhere through the woods :D!

Still made it in time to set up a camp and hang up the food before it turned pitch black!

You know the world is a small place so when I returned to the hostel I ran into Moritz (the guy I was traveling through the States)… So we all went for yummy food at Eddies Burger!

At the hostel I also met Cameron… we hanged out for the next couples afternoons after work…like having beers at the patio and going on the pist (like he would say)… Good times but he moved to Canmore and I made some new friends at work!

Server at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (pretty much penguins)

I especially fall in love with that chicken called Annika who introduced herself like: „I’m from Toronto,…aber ich kann auch deutsch sprechen!“ Well that was the start of some really rad adventures and an awesome friendship!

You know a friendship like…

AAAAAND than this crazy monkey showed up… (kinda crying riding this and thinking about her…but with a big fat smile on my face)

… don’t take life too serious at the end of the day we all gonna die..

yoga time

OKIIIII so lets have fun and go on adventures, don’t let work bother you to much!

hoodoos field


bow valley_BANFF


peyto lake

hector lake

bow lake



…and of cause I did not miss the Opening in Sunshine…but lets be honest Canadians don’t really know how to celebrate Openings (check out Austria thats how its done!)

roommate Amy:)

After getting all my gear, getting all stoked about winter, having some sick as snow/ride days (like my first day were powder lines and tree runs…could be worse i guess)…I finally got a job offer… Snowboard Instructor in Whistler!!! Hard decision to go and leave Banff and all the amazing people but you gotta do what you gotta do!!!



thanks to my Canadian Sister (Annika) who brought me over there (more or less ;D) with a little stop in Vancouver, because why the fuck not Van is sick!!!


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