Beautiful British Columbia ❤

Back in Canada!!!!!!

Spotted Lake


definitely worth a visit… yummy ice-cream!!! (you know there is not alway time to take pictures sometimes you just gotta enjoy!)

…but you can say for sure they got a OGOPOKO in their Okanagan Lake wich is pretty much like „Monster von Lochness“


On the way to Vancouver…(VAAAAAN we’re on the way)

…how the fuck did everything fit in the „Truck“

lets be serious

okay lets get rid of the eski!!! (which we like never ever used anyway thanks walmart for taking it back!)


…gotta Longboard around Stanley park… and sometimes you just end up carrying it around because it’s a god dumn one way:D

but thats okay i guess…. the drum circle at night paid it off:D

…we also found some sick as spots to jump! Like Lighthouse park and a natural Waterslide in Lynn Canyon park… guess my dream came true!!!



…stoped at Quarry Lake (sure thing!!) met Zac over there who gave us a ride in his sweet as „vehicle“

and if that wasn’t enough he let us sleep over at his place and made breakfast for us!! WOW welcome to Canada…that would never happen to you in Germany…



Good Bye Island!


…yeahh check it out that bike park… smashed it, my jacket is a bit broken now but it was a shit load of fun!

SOOOOO happy to see your face again!! Thanks a lot for the BEMBEL !

…the world keeps spinning, thats just how it works right?! But sometimes you can stop it for a few moments!!!

Time to find some work now!!!

Thanks Robin and Roland for letting me pay a third of your gas money:P SEE YA IN GERMANY


…oh befor i forget this part… WHATCH OUT ROBIN!!!!!!!


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