‚work is better on the slopes‘

…which is definitely true!!! Have a look:)

schools 1. timers on the mountain

Still pretty sad and missing my pumpkins heads from Banff, I was sitting at a friends place waiting for Radko (the guy who’s room I rented for a month, because I still haven’t had an accommodation at this point). Friendly as he is, he picked me up and brought me to Whistler! Thanks dude!

His housemate Petra took me to the village (because the room was in Alpine which is a 15min drive to „Whistler Village“) the same night, showed me around and took me for some drinks with her friends after! Thanks so much for that, even if that showing around did not helped my bad as orientation skills at all, well maybe a little bit:)

At this point onwards it was supposed to be a good time!


Frost Week (like to get to know all the new people…make some friends!)

After checking in at the cabin to get all ready for work, we had like a meet and greet with our supervisors! There I met Josh

look at him going with the „blow before you go hat“

>>really nice, english guy and pretty much always wears a hat; called big les, this took me legit the whole season to notice that ūüėÄ …oh and he is definitely into that what he is doing especially if he is dancing on the tables at Merlins on a Thursday night!!<<

..anyways he showed me one of my future fav caf√© „Moguls“ (best mocha and as he announced ¬†best cookies as well!) while we were waiting to do some ski-gymnastic after!

I ended up going there a looooot over the season…:)

He also showed me¬†„El Furniture Warehouse“ where you pay just 5$ per meal…this became a good place to go if you’re hungry or craving food like a lot! (ya know, like after some drinks or whatever..!)

those mini donuts jeeeeese:)

There I also met Carlos (really funny Spanish dude) and Lars(i) (der Deutsche von der andern Rheinseite; zugegebener Maßen wir hatten viel Spaß haha, vor allem Privates zusammen!).

Back to Frost Week, they planed a lot events like drylands, yoga, stretch class, movie night, dinner, scavenger hunt through the village (which is pretty hard if you have my orientation skills, but thank god that the rest of my team kinda knew where to go!), graffiti party…

At yoga I met MAGGIE…

her smiley face in perfection

>>that really chatty typical Canadian girl from Ottawa, the capital!; super nice probably the nicest person I ever met but also can be badass and crazy, especially if she gets some trap to dance to; loves pizza (watch out she has eaten your crust before you even had your first bite)…well I just love her!!! #naasfuck…evenbetterthanthat!<<

…and I just kept running into her at pretty much all those „frost“ events. Well that was a good start for always being ‚on the same schedule‘ all the time!!!

Because if you believe it or not, throughout the season we would always wake up in the middle of the night and have long as texting chats:D!!


So frost week ended up being a fun time and I finally got a spot at „HOUSE“ like Staff Housing, which was great! (I could stop wasting 3 hours of my day to check every ‚accommodation finding page‘ possible)

I ended up sharing an unit (common area with TV, kitchen, couch, washroom and 2 room with a bunkbed) with an other girl and two guys, which was actually not bad at all! We were probably not the cleanest unit (haha) but you don’t spend that much time in there anyways… well at least not if you know the „girls from 409“¬†…

the 4 of us (Clara,Maggie,Lauren,Me) in our natural habitat ūüėÄ


>>cute Swedish princess; good to know her, gets you in at Swedish après without even lining up; pretty fast on her skies; party hard; celebrated her birthday for a whole week!<<


>>adorable kangaroo from Australia; super nice and friendly; great in imitating peoples voice!!; shreds the rainbowbox; super fun to party with and watched out for us all; there is now way not to like her…literally!<<

…I hung out at there place all the time…like an extra roommate! I spent so much time there that everybody thought I actually live there (which would’ve been a lot of fuuun)!

Thanks for introducing me to all that stuff I would’ve never known without you guys!!

„I am single and I am definitely fabulous!“¬†


Ach ja und bevor ich den Robin (BC travelbuddy) vergesse…nachdem ich ins Staff Housing gezogen bin, konnte er in mein altes Zimmer ziehen!

im Schnee hab ich ihn dann trotzdem stecken gelassen!

OHHH apropos SCHNEE ähhhh SNOW!!!!

The Snow finally arrived down in the Village as well and Whistler Mountain opened a day before Blackcomb on November 23rd.

This day I had Orientation Day for my job…Snowboard Instructor at Schools Blackcomb (and it is the best pod!!!)…luckily we didn’t join the crowd on Whistler, instead we had some chairs at Blackcomb all to ourselves!

It definitely was though!!

I met one of my co workers JAMES

ahhhhhh schneeee!!!

>funny, english dude with a very special humor, guess you can call yourself lucky if you understand half of it haha; knows how to ride a Snowboard!! and to convince me to try new stuff; always fun times hanging out; helped me out when I needed an advice; oh and he secretly loves that french fries song „Ich will Pommes mit Senf“<< thx;)

Ja he also can speak some german like: ‚Mein linker Blinker ist kaputt und ich bin ein Disko Spinner!‘ haha this is just tooo good!

We ended up riding a lot before we both actually stared to work in December… Great times!!!


Back to¬†WORK…

Its been a really fun time, I honestly lived my dream…staying the whole winter in a ski resort and teaching Snowboard or like being on the board every Day…couldn’t ask for something better!

my first day of work

I didn’t need to handle all that ’stress‘ about getting them rentals (boots, board, helmets), writing a class card.. alone, we got like a shadow day at our first day. So¬†Patrick¬†introduced me to all that stuff!

!sorry not in the picture because he was taking it!

>>an other guy from England:D; he wasn’t short just concentrated awesome; good (work) mentor but I was the better (party) mentor!<<

All my Co-Workers were super friendly and talented and formed a nice crew throughout the season!

Christmas Day Shred with Peter, Alex, Astyn and Emma

Schools got shout down over holidays, so we got moved to different pods such as Privates, Adults or Whistler Village so we pretty much got to work all over the places! A lot of that time I and most of my coworkers ended up at Desto (Whistler Village) and lets be honest we really missed schools!! BUUUT without that I would’ve never had the chance to teach those adorable „little Rippers“ as they called the really young ones!



…first time without my family…was great! No need to buy presents just sent them a postcard with Christmas wishes, you might wanna FaceTime them, and then you’re done! More time for riding, parties and doing silly stuff…haha. Well I guess I did miss them a bit, but honestly wasn’t that much time to miss them, because we went on lots of adventures!

Whistler Village

maple taffy

The Village looks really nice and while walking through there I felt like really grateful and was getting super excited to stay at this magical place for the whole season!

  • 12 BARZ pub crawl

Getting ready… the 409 girls…hahah ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Honestly tho it was quite hard to find the rhythm of this bar hop, felt like we were always at the wrong bar at the wrong time ūüėÄ


  • Project Christmas Tree…no questions

my roommate jimmy

„Yo what shall we do with all those cans?“

jimmy >>funny kiwi; really hard to understand at least for the first time; great rum coke nights; project Christmas tree, drink for the tree!<<


…also we need a Christmas tree…

  • Pot Luck Christmas Dinner


Well enough from the village and Christmas stuff!! Lets go and shred some deep as powder, enjoy some blue bird days and just have a lit time up the Mountains!

start of the season we found some freshies down sun bowl:))


Never forget those moments when you wake up in the morning and it just dumped a shit load of some new fresh floof over night!       (also shit if you had to work that day)


Thanks Clara for all those sweet random shots!!!!



Well Whistler and Blackcomb aren’t just incredible to ride on there is also quite a bit stuff going on in the village and yeah you gotta check it out right?!


There is pretty much something going on everyday so I promise, you won’t get bored… but here are some of my favs!!!

Lets start with Tuesdays because who likes Mondays anyways!!:D

  • Swedish¬†Apr√®s on Tuesdays at Cinnamon Bear (Hilton Hotel)

It gets really busy and if you don’t want to wait like an hour or more to get in there go straight after work and grab a stamp and come back later once you changed your work clothes:P


  • free dinner at Buffalo Bills on Wednesdays¬†

This usually ended up drinking more beer or cider than expected and most of the time it became a great unexpected night out!!

  • Club Shred/Locals Night at Merlins on a Thursday

2 free Beer at 7:00pm and the best Nachos in whole Whistler what else do you need… Music? This was actually the best music up here, at least for me, because I don’t really like that shitty club music! You better get some good shoes to walk down the slope and lining up to get in there! Or you just have some „winter“ vans, a good friend piggyback you down there and some other ones already lining up!



okay little cut right here I need to introduce you to Susan..

love you rooooomie

>>lovley english girl; best roooomie, like always there if you need something!; who tidies up is just too lazy to search; goes mental whenever she wants; room schedule was on point; pushes through everything; looooooove you roomie!!!!<<

  • Pay Day Party every second¬†Friday at MoeJoes

…always a fun time, because all your coworkers are there and okay you get two free drink tickets if you’re there before 8:00pm or dressed up!

Sometimes quite a struggle because you had to walk or in our case run down the staff hill (down the slope) to get there in time! But as I said got a good friend who piggybacked me down if she wasn’t struggling with some snow in her own shoes!!


  • Glow Party at MoeJoes on Sundays¬†

sweet face painting

Clara and my Roomie both loved it… I honestly just been once but that was great fun tho!

I went with my friend Elena, who was visiting from Germany, to check it out!

Guess I actually never really been there because Mondays were my days off and who wants to be hangover when you can go and shred some powder or park!



  • in case of¬†mondays at Garfs

Same here guess I been once when Lisi (an other friend from Germany) came over to visit! But yeah Tuesday was my other day off so my monday nights were a little bit more quiet!

Anyways at Garfs there has been our work „End of the Season Party“ themed „Down the Rabbit hole“ like Alice in Wonderland. And as usual we got some free drink tickest and they had some snacks this time too!

  • Ski and Snowboard Festival

Set up a lot of tents in the Village where you could grab some free stuff!! YEAH They also had some free gigs, which made it way more fun to wait for the parents to pick ¬†their kids up after work… and go for a sneaky dance!!!


The GREEN shades tho… this is¬†SAM…

>>this qu√©bec d√ľde; better known as roi roi; puts to much pressure on me, thx tho for teaching me some stuff!!!; awesome snowboarder and drop taster; sooo much fun PROBABLY even more than that; is always down to living on the edge and do dangerous shit; we’re on the same page<<

both sams…but roi roi is the grey jacket tho


And if you need some more relaxed days no worries you can just hang out a bit with friends as well!!


On those nice and sunny days we were just sitting around staff housing and had some iced lattes from Maggie!



Avalanche course

When you work for WB you get some sweet deals, all around the village and mountain restaurants like pretty much everywhere what is owned by WB… also you get a good deal for AST 1 courses so thats what Maggie and me did!!

„get high. stay high“

Our course conductor „not Dave“ taught us especially that you wanna „get high and stay high“ to stay above a potential avalanche! It was great fun and the whole crew fitted well together!

Huge respect for Maggie, who pulled me all the way up where the other Snowboarders needed to strep their Board off!! GOOD JOB, better workout for you! But guess that’s why you need a skier as a real good friend! So just in case Maggie gets sick at on point¬†Kendall…is gonna pull me out off that shit!

nicest picture since he got his braces out

>>real funny kiwi guy; you won’t find him on the slopes, get more lucky if you look off-piste; Kendall spell it please:“D like Dick!“; slides the stair-rail at garfs like a pro even despite the fact that he already forgot how to walk; always in a good mud; just send it!<<:*

Squamish trips with Sam…sea to sky HIGHway

Go and take a picture with those INUKSUK



Lisi, Sam, Angus and me went on a little walk to the Train wreck…

Perfect place to drink „ne schwarze Dose“ #Dosenobst #Bembel #Apfelwein:)))

We made the guys trying it, guess the first reaction „it taste weird“ was just because they were really surprised… I mean its not usual that people from Quebec or NZ get to try some real „ourew√§lerische Ebbelwoi“ haha


>>dude from NZ; works as a snowboard instructor all year around; pretty steezy on his board; goes all in either on the snowboard or at the club<<

Lost Lake


grab a tea at davids tea on the way back


  • dip in before it freeze
  • go for a little walk
  • celebrate 420




If your way to work looks like this, guess you know that you are at the right place at the right time!

way to work

So some of the benefits if you work for the SnowSchool, was that you got training sessions you could join each day.

Every day there was a morning session as well, which means meeting at the Gondola at 7:40am to go up and hit the fresh slopes/powder before the crowd hits it! Getting up those couple minutes earlier…I know… but it is definitely worth it!!

At least I did really enjoy it! And who wouldn’t if you get those views?!



morning session

hike ride repeat


And once you’re up there that early anyways you gotta do Spanky’s Ladder and cut the first tracks across the bloody fresh snow!!!



The pods organized some work events for us as well, schools obviously had the best events:D!

  • Christmas Party

The brown shirt… it’s¬†Astyn…

>>aussi girl; great personality; fun to ride with but couldn’t do our spring sesh because I had to leave earlier, sorry; always good times out with her!!<<

  • Some physical events like cross-country-skiing,¬†rock climbing and CURLING¬†

Curling was quite an adventure like a really fun night with snacks and some drinks! We went all together to Squamish by bus!


winner team „die gude schrubber“ ¬† ¬†(me phil patrick lisi)

  • steak and keg

Yupp we got some free beer and barbecued our own steak! Thanks Asten for the instructions!

It turned out to be a sick night…to be honest I forgot where we went after….√§hmmm yeah was a good time for suuure!

The guy on the right is¬†Peter…

>>english dude; awesome humor; always up for anything; best and contagious dance style, lit<<

  • scarvenger hunt

whole time in the air at the same time.. we should go bigger!

ride GMC Gondola

This was by far one of the funniest days I had in Whistler…dressing up like Captain Underpants and ride through the ski resort to get pictures and videos to complete the challenges!!!




We won the best costume price!!





Its slowly getting to an end…


…oh wait I got Icecream cake for my birthday:))))

Can’t believe I never discovered that before… tooooo good!

Thanks girls!


The 23rd of April was my last work day and Whistler Mountain closing day!

After work was done every instructor, who worked Desto Village, was heading up again for the legendary CLC Kegger!!!

Btw this is¬†ALEXIS…(girl in the middle)

>>canadian; worked Desto; always came up with the funniest stories; party animal; sassy as fuck, but that makes her hilarious; sooo much fun!<<

Up there we had some Beers and snacks, which were prepared by the CLC kitchen team!

Oh before I forget, this smart guy is¬†NICK…

>>kiwi guy; good hoodie taste; amazing snowboarder!!!; fun co-worker; always run into him on a night out; pretty proud of his new hair cut:P<< 

Also there was a huge flip cup tournament with all the Instructors and our Managers opened it!!

winner team


After a couples hours, some snacks, some beer and a shit load of fun we all skied/rode out together!!!

This was sooo much fun!!!

After changing Uniform and shoes we ended up having a lot more fun at Longhorns!

Thats legit all you need to know ūüėÄ


Good Bye Dinner with the Girls…

mental support while packing

There was not really time to say good bye or be prepared to be sad or whatever…

I just found out at 5:00pm that I am leaving the next day at 9:00am… so lets have some quick good bye hugs and get that packing stared!!



PEACE…its been a blast!

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